Xavi Gordo Flashes Beach Babe Cristina Tosio For Glamour Italy July 2017

Model Cristina Tosio sizzles, styled by Valentina Di Pinto in modern, updated folkloric patterns. Photographer Xavi Gordo captures the sexy beach looks for Glamour Italy July 2017./ Hair & makeup by David Lopez

Lana Del Rey Talks New Album With Stevie Nicks In 'Off to the Races' By Steven Klein For V Magazine #108

Lana Del Rey and Stevie Nicks, two "self-proclaimed 'witchy sisters" deliver their bad-ass selves in intimate girl talk, chatting up their new album collaboration 'Lust For Life'. Del Ray covers the new issue of V Magazine 108, and Nicks conducts the interview. Steven Klein brings his iconic passion for horses to the fashion set, with Del Rey styled in equestrian looks for 'Off to the Races' by Robbie Spencer in Ralph Lauren, Saint Laurent. Dior, Stella McCartney, Vince and more. Boots by FRYE.

Valery Kaufman Seduces, Lensed By David Bellemere For Vogue Mexico July 2017

Russian model Valery Kaufman practices her best 'come hither' looks, styled in sensual, lingerie-inspired looks from Chanel, Dior, Tibi and more styled by Anna Katsanis. David Bellemere flashes the seduction scene for Vogue Mexico July 2017./ Hair by Gianluca Mandeli; makeup by Joseph Carrillo

Rethinking Federal vs State & Local Governing Thru A Democratic Lens

Futurist and urban planner Richard Florida moved his family to Toronto a decade ago. Stunned by Hillary's loss, the theorist pulled back his new book from his publisher to do some serious soul searching.

His meaty article in Politico taps into my own mindset, one that is a total reversal of previous thinking among progressives on the role of the federal govt vs state and city govt. The idea is conservative -- one that puts key decisions about our urban and rural areas more in the hands of state and local govt.

Presently in America, rural Americans in red states are running the country. While it's great that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the Democrats' lawsuit about gerrymandering state districts, the decision could go against Dems. The electoral college is stacked against progressives, urban areas and Democrats generally.

The solution? It could only work if we pack up our money, the disproportionate amount of tax dollars blue states send to the federal govt.