Jessica Chastain's '355' Female Spies Save The World Project Is Hotter Than Hades In Cannes


The women are out in full force in Cannes, and in the post-Weinstein, #MeToo era, they mean business -- proving that they really can survive without Harvey. Variety reports that three major Chinese distribution companies are competing to acquire dstribution rights in Greater China, and also to become equity investors in Jessica Chastain's original idea project '355'. 

'355' is named after the first female spy in the American revolution, although her precise identity is not known. In Chastain's film, five female operatives band together to stop a global organization determined to acquire a deadly weapon that would thrust the world into chaos. The women are strangers and technically enemies in some cases. Under this dire threat of global destruction, Cruz, Bingbing, Cotillard, Chastain and Nyong'o join forces and become friends in the code-name '355' cell.