Halima Aden Gets Polished Sporty By Solve Sundsbo For Allure Magazine US July 2017

Halima Aden Gets Polished Sporty By Solve Sundsbo For Allure Magazine US July 2017

Model Halima Aden is 'The Face Of Things To Come', styled in sporty looks by Beat Bolliger. Photographer Solve Sundsbo is in the studio for Allure Magazine US' July 2017 cover story. / Makeup by Val Garland; hair by Philippe Tholimet

Zoe Kravitz Is 21st Century Goddess Lensed By Patrick Demarchelier For Allure US June 2017

Talent Zoe Kravitz channels 21st century tribal goddesses, styled by Beth Fenton in a fresh mix of boho looks -- and too fabulous hair -- lensed by Patrick Demarchelier for Allure US June 2017./ Hair by Nikki Nebns; makeup by Tom Pecheux

Staz Lindes Is Lensed By Camilla Akrans In 'City of Dreams' For Allure May 2017

Punk rocker turned model Staz Lindes is styled by Tom van Dorpe in 'City of Dreams', lensed in LA by Camilla Akrans for Allure Magazine May 2017. The Paranoyds frontwoman, who signed on as the new face of YSL Beauté in December 2016, is also bringing a "much-needed dose of raw cool to Instagram’s immaculately contoured modelscape", writes Vogue./ Hair by Franco Gobbi; makeup by Wendy Rowe

Alicia Keys On Makeup Free & Abolishing the Electoral College vs Melania Trump's White House Glam Room

Alicia Keys Fronts 'Keys To Success' By Paolo Kudacki For Allure Magazine February 2017

It's fascinating the Alicia Keys has led the 'no makeup' look, although she assured readers in Feb. 2017 Allure that she also won't be a slave to not wearing makeup either. It all depends on Alicia's mood. 

She is a 15-time Grammy winner. To put that in perspective: Adele has ten; Taylor Swift, ten also; Mary J. Blige, nine; Rihanna, eight. Sometimes—rarely—in this world, prizes get awarded in a way that is commensurate with achievement, thank Allah, Jehovah, and Zeus. (Those are in alphabetical order, by the way; I may be a Christian, but if another guy’s deity wants to do me a solid, I’m very grateful. I do wish the entire panoply of gods could get together and stop my friends from using reply all. That’s what I pray for; I figure it’s an easier lift than universal amity or abolishing the electoral college.) On that topic, who could forget Keys’s impassioned performance of “Superwoman” and “In Common” at the Democratic National Convention last summer? The first song was dedicated to the “Mothers of the Movement,” a group that advocates for police reform and gun-violence prevention. The second one was a call to, in her words, “stand together and be united.” Keys’s deep disappointment with the election results is palpable. 

Keys' comments resonate in back to back posts -- the second one being about the White House glam room for America's next first lady Melania Trump.  AOC and I personally are working hard not to trivialize Melania Trump before she has a chance to open her mouth on America's behalf. 

Yet, for her biggest PR story to be about her upcoming glam room, as nearly 50 members of Congress say they will boycott the Trump presidential Inauguration and Trump & Putin might as well open a joint Twitter account as of today, Melania rings pretty darned hollow in her ivory tower. Goddess give us strength! ~ Anne