Parkland & Chicago Young Activists Cover Town & Country's June 2018 Philanthropy Issue

Anti-violence advicated (from left):  D'Angelo McDade, Leonor Muñoz, Emma González, Delaney Tarr and Alex King

Anti-violence advicated (from left): D'Angelo McDade, Leonor Muñoz, Emma González, Delaney Tarr and Alex King

Students from Parkland and beyond share one of the covers for Town & Country's annual June Philanthropy issue. Parkland survivors Delaney Tarr, Emma González, and Leonor Muñoz, as well as Chicago teenagers D’Angelo McDade, a survivor of gun violence, and Alex King, whose young nephew was shot to death, reflect on the movement they have started and the future they’re fighting for. Their interviewer is none other than Jimmy Kimmel, with Max Vadukul in charge of the photo shoot. 

Kimmel asks each of the students about their proudest moment in the last few months:

D’Angelo McDade: Mine was a conversation with a Fox News anchor who actually wrote that because I was shot at the age of 17, I was a drug dealer. I let him know I’m not a drug dealer but a leader of this movement. 

Alex King: My proudest moment was getting my nephew’s name out there, and the names of all the people whose lives were lost and who can’t speak for themselves anymore.

Delaney Tarr: My proudest moment is every time somebody comes up to say they’ve been inspired to make change in their own community. That’s when I feel proud, not just of myself and my peers but also of these people, because this isn’t about me doing one thing, it’s about everyone taking action in their own communities. There is a worldwide difference we can make.

Leonor Muñoz: My proudest moment was just going home and realizing that there’s still life outside of this. I can go home, and there is that shelter. That’s what I’m fighting for.

Emma González: This morning D’Angelo told us in the car that since all this began, where they live in Chicago gun violence has decreased by 26 percent. No legislation has been passed. Nothing is different but the words that have been said.

Former president Bill Clinton introduced Emma Gonzalez today, when she spoke as an advocate for gun control at Wednesday's philanthropy summit. Reviewing images, four of the five cover stars were at the event. AOC isn't seeing Leonor Muñoz in the images. 

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