Glamping Sweeps America, Embracing Gaia With Soothing Natural Refuge In Trumplandia

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New Yorkers are increasingly desperate to get back in touch with nature, writes The New York Times. If that means 'glamping' at a $650-a-night campsite on Governor's Island, let the Gaia connection begin. 

Arriving by ferry boat only enhances the magic of Manhattan's twinkling skyline and Lady Liberty's torch nearby. In that moment liberal New Yorker's can reflect on all the the Statue of Liberty has meant in America's DNA without stressing over the whereabouts of children separated from their parents at the Mexican border.

Phones are off and a family game of Scribble is in. Roasting marshmellows in the community firepit plays homage to hunting and gathering forbearers, while other pampered New Yorkers are found eating $120 prix fix meals in the permanent Three Peaks lodge. Who is game for beanbag toss?

According to a report by Kampgrounds of America, 2.6 million more American households camped last year than in 2016. A major reason was to relieve stress. Nearly all millennials surveyed (93 percent) said they would like to try camping this year, many gravitating toward glamping.

Kevin Rosenberg, who runs Gear to Go Outfitters, an online equipment-rental and guide service, spent years in the military and hires veterans as guides. Rosenberg doesn't even take an air mattress or a stove when he ges deep into Gaia country to commune with nature. But Rosenberg doesn't deride glampers.

“Protecting the environment is very important to me,” said Mr. Rosenberg, who once ran his company out of a Brooklyn storefront but now lives upstate. “The more people bond with nature, the more they want to protect it. Whatever form it takes, it’s fine with me as long as what they’re doing is responsible. You might as well be comfortable and enjoy it.”

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Collective Retreats, Tentrr, Getaway and Terra Glamping all provide cushy accommodations to help a growing wave of indoorsy people become outdoorsy, writes The Times. .Tentrr currently has 500 campsites throughout the Northeast, many of them on struggling farms that welcome glampers. 

Many believe that the rise in glamping isn't only due to stressed out liberals trying to get away from Trump's often-hourly Twitter assaults. Zach Denes, the manager of Hatchet Outdoor Supply Company on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, thinks camping generally is front and center as Trump presses to turn over public lands to mining aned drilling companies. 

Glamping in America might not rival a glamping safari in Africa, but it just might beat a five-star hotel in the middle of Manhattan or LA. And if you're one of the million urbanites who can afford luxury camping, you will soon find out that the best spots aren't always in the wild, but once-removed, yet far awy, from your usual rutine. 

Speaking of safaris, I don't believe they've imported and big game -- and they better NOT -- but Hawley Farm, located near Kansas City Missouri, promotes itself as a secluded, luxury, safari weekend camping getaway. 

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Jennifer Garner Co-Founds Once Upon A Farm, Supporting Gangsta Gardener Ron Finley

On Saturday, July 14, actor Jennifer Garner celebrated Once Upon a Farm, the new “farm-to-family” food company with a strong focus on babies and children that she co-founded with Cassandra Curtis. The event at Amber Waves Farm in Amagansett invited guests from the Hamptons crowd such as Rachel Zoe, Molly Sims, Jessica Capshaw, Estee Stanley, and their little ones to pick fresh produce, listen to live music and plant fruits and vegetables with Ron Finley, the Gangsta Gardener of the Ron Finley Project. Once Upon a Farm later donated the gardening plot from the event, along with $10,000 to NYC’s Edible Schoolyard.

Gangsta gardner Ron Finley and Jennifer Garner.

Gangsta gardner Ron Finley and Jennifer Garner.

Paper Magazine profiled Finley in Aug. 2017. The food justice revolutionary decided to get his hands dirty back in 2010 over the lack of healthy, organic food options in his LA South Central food desert neighborhood. 

"Being in South Central, the food is food-ish stuff," he explains. "We can walk five minutes in any direction and get liquor, but we can walk ten miles in any direction, and we aren't gonna get an organic banana." Finley came to the realization that cities were designed for the interests of commerce, not people: "If cities were designed for people, they would look more like forests, and be lush and beautiful, and the air would be clean." He looked at the green grass parkway he'd been dutifully maintaining outside of his home, and decided, "If they're not putting beauty in my neighborhood, I'll do it myself." The answer was radical in its simplicity: he would grow his own food. He dug up the grass, and planted flowers, herbs, and all the fruits and vegetables he'd previously had to drive miles to buy.

Jill Biden (left), Joe Biden and Jennifer Garner pose with Save the Children beneficiary Anna Marie

Jill Biden (left), Joe Biden and Jennifer Garner pose with Save the Children beneficiary Anna Marie

Researching for more info about Garner, AOC learned that she has a long association with Save the Children, the world-renowned organization that is working with poor children in America, as well as children in refugee camps and other locations of extreme poverty. In October 2017, Garner joined fellow ambassadors Olivia Wilde and Dakota Fanning at the Save the Children Illumination Gala, along with board chair of the organization, Dr. Jill Biden

A child in rural America has about a 1-in-4 chance of living in poverty, according to a recent  "End of Childhood Report" from Save the Children. Jennifer Garner relates to the plight of children living in the eight out of 10 Southeeastern states where  low income, high infant mortality rates, food insecurity and teen pregnancy keep many kids from thriving.

Although Garner was raised in a middle-class family in Charleston, West Virginia, she recalls that "I grew up one generation and one holler removed from poverty."

Actor Jennifer Garner visits with school children who are participants of a Save the Children reading program at LBJ Elementary School in, Ky. Photo by David Stephenson

Actor Jennifer Garner visits with school children who are participants of a Save the Children reading program at LBJ Elementary School in, Ky. Photo by David Stephenson

How Will Progressive Karlie Kloss Manage Ivanka Trump's Clutching Embrace Of Her New 'Sister'

Karlie Kloss and Ivanka Trump.jpg

Rhonda Garelick has written a superb, consise analysis of Ivanka Trump and her brand and its historical fashionable roots in the rise of fascism. Garelick writes compararatively of Ivanka and Coco Chanel.

Now that the successful, progressive superwoman Karlie Kloss will be Ivanka's sister-in-law, it will be interesting to watch how Kloss handles this new sisterly love affair. Ivanka has been quick to celebrate her new 'sister' on Instagram. The Cut's headline of the engagement announcement summarizes what Karlie and Josh Kushner already know: Ivanka Trump Called Karlie Kloss Her 'Sister' in a Haunting Instagram Comment.

Karlie not so much, although reports are quick to note that Jared Kushner's brother Josh, the much more progressive Kushner son and Karlie's future husband, is very close to Ivanka -- a Manhattan liberal in her former life.

Sorry, I digress. Read this short but razor clear discussion of Ivanka Trump and how her brand was created to cultivate white nationalist dreams among the populace. Ivanka's brand was never taken seriously by rich Americans and is closing because vast numbers of women across America and in Canada want nothing to do with Ivanka Trump, her brand or just about anythng else to do with Ivanka Trump.

I believe that with the increasing trials and tribulations of the Trump family, Ivanka will try to sink her fingers deep into Karlie's outstanding reputation, one far more devoted to real women and girls, issues like gun control and women's rights than Ivanka has ever been.

Extreme left-wingers criticize Karlie Kloss, as they criticize any top model, but comparatively, Kloss is a much more authentic person than Ivanka ever was or will be. Surely Karlie knows she has her hands full in managing this situation.