Sending Deep Regrets To Jordan For The Despicable Death & Burning Alive Of Muath Kasasbeh By ISIS

From the Jordan Times: Jordan Vows Earth-Shaking Respone to IS Killing of Pilot

Following the release of a video showing a group of IS masked terrorists burning Kasasbeh alive, the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army (JAF) issued a statement saying that the officer was killed on January 3, nine days after his F-16 crashed over Raqqa in northeast Syria

(see text of the army statement in separate story).

In his statement, aired on Jordan TV, King Abdullah described IS as a cowardly terrorist group that has nothing to do with true Islam, praising Kasasbeh as a brave pilot who was fighting in defence of Islam, his country and his nation.

The Royal Court announced that King Abdullah would cut short his visit to the US, with the White House announcing an unscheduled meeting between the King and President Barack Obama in Washington later Tuesday before the King’s departure.

In its statement, the army vowed a response that is “proportionate to the magnitude of the tragedy of all Jordanians”, according to the statement read on Jordan TV by JAF Spokesperson Colonel Mamdouh Ameri.

A similar reaction was echoed by Government Spokesperson Mohammad Momani, who said several measures will be taken by the Kingdom to respond to this brutal group.

In a statement aired by Jordan TV, Momani said that Jordan’s response to the assassination “will be swift. Jordanians’ wrath will devastate Daesh’s ranks”.

Addressing those who had doubt about the brutality of IS, the minister said what the group did is proof of such brutality.

“For those who used to believe that this group represents Islam, this is the proof, and for those who had doubts about the unity of Jordanians against this evil, we will show them what unity we have.”

He added that Kasasbeh does not belong to one tribe or one governorate, but to all the Jordanian people.

In particular, AOC sends deep regrets, sorrow and love to Queen Rania, one of the core muses behind Anne of Carversville.

We also pray for all the Jordanian pilots named in today’s ISIS video, with a price having been put on their heads, while names and addresses were printed for mass consumption around the world.

This is an attempt by ISIS to bring down the government of Jordan, one of the most stable countries and sources of refuge first out of Palestine — and now Syria — in the world. 20% of your population is now refugees from other countries. We pray also that the US and other countries give Jordan the aid it needs to sustain this grave humanitarian challenge.

Indeed, you are a mighty and wonderful advocate for a better life on this planet, Queen Rania.  You, your husband and family, and all the Jordanian people with your incredibly-rich history are very deep in our thoughts, hearts and prayers tonight. ~ Anne

Queen Rania 2008