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George Clooney Stylist

Like Kanye West taking a keen interest in his wife Kim Khardashian’s style, George Clooney is deeply involved in his wife Amal Clooney’s fashion choices, reports US Weekly and picked up by Elle.com.

Clooney is “very involved in selecting her looks … ‘He’ll watch her try on clothes and will say, ‘I like that. You should get it,’ or ‘No, not that,’” a source close to the actor told the mag.

 “He Clooney) installed a runway, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and a crazy light system in their closet,” the source continued.”Amal can see every single angle and tell if her outfit is see-through!”

Amal Clooney Human Rights Lawyer

Amal Clooney arrived at the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washing, DC on Thursday to press her case on behalf of imprisoned former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed. Clooney appeared earlier in the day at the National Press Club. In a statement, the NPC said that it’s legal team is preparing to “make public a filing to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, urging it to find that Nasheed is being held in violation of international law.”

Clooney released an in-depth op ed in The Guardian this week.

Release Mohamed Nasheed — an innocent man and the Maldives’ great hope Amal Clooney for The Guardian

It may be famous for the pristine holiday beaches of its Indian Ocean coastline but the Maldives has taken a dark authoritarian turn. In 2008, the island nation became a democracy after Mohamed Nasheed was sworn in as president after the country’s first-ever free and fair elections. A charismatic leader, Nasheed introduced liberalising reforms at home, while calling for global action against climate change in an attempt to combat the rising sea levels that threaten to inundate the low-lying nation. His remarkable story is chronicled in the acclaimed documentary The Island President.

Seven years later, however, Nasheed is in prison, having been sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for the crime of “terrorism” following a politically motivated show trial.

10 Best Luxury Resorts in the Maldives Touropia

Naladhu Resort Maldives

Perhaps the ultimate luxury destination,the Maldives has become a synonym for paradise whether it is for honeymooners, sun worshipers or scuba divers. Aside from the capital Male, there are no hotels in the Maldives, only resorts. Most resorts take up their own island, so the ratio of beach to guests must be one of the best in the world, writes Touropia

George Clooney Bartender

With Cinco de Mayo coming on May 5, George Clooney and close buddy Rande Gerber share an  list of six cocktails to celebrate the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

“We meet at Café Habana Malibu and eat and drink Casamigos margaritas,” Clooney and Gerber said of their plans with equally famous wives Amal Clooney and Cindy Crawford. Note that George and Rande own the Casamigos tequila brand with their friend Michael Meldman.

The duo shares five variations on the margarita and one signature cocktial to Vogue.com readers. We share two.

Strawberry Basil Margarita

1 1/2 parts Casamigos Reposado Tequila
3 to 4 strawberries
2 to 3 sweet basil leaves
3/4 part fresh lime juice
1/2 part simple syrup
Balsamic vinegar
Ice cubes

Combine all ingredients with ice. Shake, strain, and serve over ice in a rocks glass. Top with club soda, garnish with basil sprig and dash of balsamic.

1 1/2 parts Casamigos Blanco Tequila
3/4 part fresh lime juice
1/2 part agave nectar
8 to 10 mint leaves
3 to 4 thin cucumber slices
Club soda

Combine mint, cucumbers, and lime juice and put it in a shaker. Lightly press the mint leaves into the lime juice with a muddler, add tequila, shake, and double-strain over ice in a Collins glass. Top with club soda. Garnish with mint sprig.