EYE: Grace Elizabeth Soars In Major Model Success With Estée Lauder & VS Pink Backing


Estée Lauder’s new face, Florida-raised Grace Elizabeth (Cabe) celebrates the holidays in the brand’s  ‘Beautiful Belle’ fragrance shoot and Lauder’s ‘Pure Color Desire Rouge Excess’ creme lipstick.

W Magazine profiled Grace Elizabeth in September, in advance of another walk on the Victoria’s Secret runway, now in countdown mode. The brand may be struggling with multiple challenges, but in the world of models — these girls love Victoria’s Secret. Read more after Grace Elizabeth’s Estée Lauder beauty images.

Grace Elizabeth on her first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

"When I was seventeen, and first walked into Next Models and they asked me what was my goal, I said, ‘I want to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel.’ Adriana Lima talked to me before the first VS show and said, ‘You’re not alone. Take every step and second of it to your heart and feel powerful and embrace it. You’re never going to forget your first show.’” Lima was right, for better or worse. “The first people I saw when I walked out were my parents, which I was not expecting to,” she said. “It almost stopped me dead in my tracks. I was like, ‘Hi, Dad.’ But it’s been one of the most empowering experiences to be around all of these girls and we’ve really bonded.”

Grace Elizabeth in 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Grace Elizabeth in 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Grace Elizabeth on social media

She takes being a face of Estée Lauder and Victoria’s Secret Pink very seriously.

“When I first started, I had like a 100 followers, and it was like the kids I went to school with,” she continued. “My mom wouldn’t even let me have Facebook until I was 15, so social media was something that was new to me. Victoria’s Secret really helped me a lot; I think I got 50,000 followers in one day. Speaking with your followers and communicating with them, I feel like it is important to interact so they feel that you are connected. It gives you such a platform to speak your beliefs and things you want to speak to other people.”

Grace Elizabeth on not taking herself too seriously, with help from friends and family

“They are very supportive, and they don’t quite get it, but I’m still the same person when I started and my personality hasn’t changed much,” she said. “When I go home, my grandma puts me to work. She’s like, ‘Can you change my curtain rod?’ They call me Miss Hollywood every now and then, but they treat me the same.”

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