Naomi Campbell & Skepta Torch The Pages Of British GQ April 2018, Lensed By An Le


Iconic supermodel Naomi Campbell joins English grime rapper Skepta,  adding fuel to rumors that they are an item with their joint appearance on the April 2018 cover of British GQ. Stylist Jenke Ahmed makes plentiful use of Skepta's new underwear line as part of his MAINS collection, perfectly suited to the steamy, An Le photos in the editorial and interview "Race, Sex, Love & Power. When Naomi [Campbell] met Skepta". 

The interview opens with a scene many of us know well. "Naomi Campbell walks into the Premier Suite of La Réserve Hotel Paris wearing white underwear and pin-sharp black stilettos. She’s late – two hours and ten minutes – but then if she wasn’t you’d be disappointed, wouldn’t you?" 

Skepta and Campbell discuss the significance of their joint cover, with Naomi explaining: “Yes, it’s great that we’re a black man and a black woman on the cover of British GQ in 2018. This is the new way; this is what it should be and how it should stay. We’re not a trend.” Equally, Skepta states its importance as “these magazines are such big deals because they shape how society sees beauty.”