Karlie Kloss Rides Bucking Bronco Internet Frontier, Lensed By Theo Sion For W Magazine

Cowgirl Karlie Kloss for W Mag 2018 (10).jpg

Supermodel Karlie Kloss busts out the big blue boxes and her cowboy boots two hours deep into the British countryside. Kloss is now a veteran of not only the modeling world, but the unruly frontier of social media. In yet another article on models getting dissed by the Internet populace, W Magazine writes that Karlie has gotten remarkably thick skinned over the last 10 years. 

It isn't that AOC is such a blue-blood Karlie supporter. But damn it, when one of the most activist models in the world, with concrete programs for girls in technology all across America, calls for action on behalf of immigrant families -- and the Internet calls her out for her relationship with Josh Kushner, telling her to talk to Trump herself or shut up -- we know where our allegiance lies. And AOC will stand every day on behalf of truly activist models like Karlie and Doutzen Kroes.

Welcome to Trump's America -- with a dose of leftist war paint, too! Everything we know about Karlie's relationship with even Ivanka Trump is that it's strained. And the relationship between Jared and Joshua Kushner is strained, because of Trump.

Karlie is styled by Max Pearmain for images by Theo Sion.