Buzz White Captures Deepika Padukone In 'Queen Deepika' For ES Magazine June 29, 2018

ES Magazine June29th 20186.jpg

Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone drops into the offices of London's ES Magazine for a chat on how she became one of India's biggest assets, arriving with two bodyguards -- and for good reason. Styled by Nicky Yates, Padukone is lensed by Buzz White in 'Queen Deepika' for ES Magazine's June 29th issue./ Hair by Earl Simms; makeup by Gina Kane

As the female star of India's recent film 'Padmaavat', angry voices clamored for Padukone's death and disfigurement. A bounty was put on her head by a member of India's parliament, as riots threatened -- unsuccessfully -- to close down the film, which told the story of 14th Century Muslim emperor Alauddin Khilji's attack on a kingdom after finding himself smitten by the beauty of its queen, Padmavati, who belonged to the Hindu Rajput caste.

There was NO scene in the film in which the Muslim king dreams of sexual intimacy with the Hindu queen, but Hindu groups rioted anyway, based on the false rumor. 

Eye: Jessica Chastain Tells ES Magazine She Will No Longer Be Paid A Third Less Than Men, Praises Salma Hayek


Actor Jessica Chastain covers the December 1, 2017 issue of London's Evening Standard ES Magazine. Styled by Nicky Yates in ruffled, ruched and pleated looks from Alessandra Rich, Gucci, Givenchy, Prada and more, the 'Molly's Game' star is lensed by Camilla Armbrust

Chastain's rep has confirmed that she is one of the growing list of female actors confirming that they will be wearing black to the 2018 Golden Globes, as a symbol of protest against harassment in Hollywood. There are murmurings that the all-black protest will continue throughout the awards season. In addition, the female actors say they will not discuss the typical "who are you wearing?" red-carpet question and will insist that questions be focused on activism and a range of societal and cultural topics heavy on women's rights in America and around the world.