Inside Tommy Hilfiger’s New York Penthouse

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Inside Tommy Hilfiger’s New York Penthouse

Tommy Hilfiger’s New York City penthouse is as glamorous and elegant as you would expect it to be. It overlooks Central Park and 5th Avenue, which makes it among the most coveted spots in the Plaza Hotel. The celebrated apartment also has access to one of the only two domes in the building. The four-bedroom duplex covers 6,000 square feet of pure luxury. 

Upon entering the unit, you'll be greeted by a spacious salon that has a view of the city skyline via its floor-to-ceiling glass windows. There's also an alcove library with animal-print walls, custom bookcases, and a comfortable reading seat flanked by plants. The home office has paneled bookcases, a leather chair, and an animal-print carpet – the perfect setting for creating artistic work.

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Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive: Fall 2018 Independence Campaign Celebrates Uniqueness

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Tommy Hilfiger has launched its fall 2018 ‘Independence’ campaign with a 60-second video to support the adaptive collection, available at

In keeping with values and attitudes of younger people, the campaign is focused around the theme of independence and embracing the power of every individual. Every individual in the campaign celebrates their uniqueness, writes WWD.

The “Independence” campaign was directed by James Rath, who was born legally blind as a result of ocular albinism and nystagmus and features Dmitry Kim a hip-hop dancer and leg amputee; Mia Armstrong, a 6-year old with Down’s syndrome; Lauren “Lolo” Spencer, who has ALS; Gavin McHugh, a surfer with cerebral palsy; Hailey Villarreal, an actress with cerebral palsy; Hunter Brown, an opera singer with autism; Jacob Santiago, a skateboarder who is visually impaired, and Miracle Pelayo, an actress with cerebral palsy.

“The democratization of fashion is one of the core values the brand was founded on,” said Tommy Hilfiger, founder and principal designer of Hilfiger. “The Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive collection continues to build on that vision of inclusivity, transforming the way the fashion industry defines diversity by serving to the needs of people with disabilities.”