Serena Williams Launches Miami Popup While Joining Forbes 2018 Most Powerful Women List

Serena Williams is an ultimate icon of the strong, sophisticated, sexy woman. In the last decade of AOC, I’ve called her the Smart Sensuality woman. Serena didn’t add “with heart” to her list of descriptors, but based on her own social activism, I know “with heart” is on the list of traits of women seeking their own voices by shopping at the champ’s new pop-up shop at the luxe Faena hotel during Miami's Art Basel. Guests at Wednesday night’s opening party for her Serena Collection included fellow tennis star Caroline Wozniacki.

"I want everyone to be able to do that and to step into their power," she said Wednesday night at the launch of her first pop-up shop, open until December 29th.

Everything in the Serena line, from a black sequined top with the word "Unbothered" to a crisp, white button-down that says "Slay" in red letters, is under $200.

Williams has taken authenticity to an entirely new level, not only designing all the clothing in the shop, but also painting the artwork on the walls. "I've painted for years, probably like ten years now. It's my outlet," she said, explaining that many of the paintings took a month to complete. "I jokingly said I'm going to be at Art Basel one day."

On Dec. 4, Williams joined the 2018 Forbes list of the world’s most powerful women for the first time. Forbes also named women like Shonda Rimes, Oprah, and Beyoncé as the world's most powerful, and German chancellor Angela Merkel holds the number one spot for the eighth year in a row. Notably, Williams is the only female athlete on the list. In November, GQ announced that Williams had also been named its Woman of the Year. Forbes included social media influence in a criteria for a Forbes top spot, and all agree that Serena’s open discussions around motherhood gave hope to millions of women worldwide who struggle with being perfect in our every endeavor. ~ Anne