Tomas De La Fuente Eyes Vera van Erp And Giraffes In Africa | Shop Glam Tribal


One look at the acacia trees, told us that we are in Africa for the latest editorial adventure by photographer Tomas De La Fuente. (Note that the distinctive trees are also found in Australia, where they are called wattles.) Stylist Carmen Errando chooses fashionable goddess goes glamping looks for model Vera van Erp, featured in Telva Magazine May 2018./ Hair and makeup by Yurema Villa

A favorite giraffe food is Acacia nilotica, also mimosa and wild apricot trees. Giraffes use their long necks to reach food that shorter animals can't. 

GlamTribal celebrates giraffes and natural nuts and foodstuffs found in Africa and beyond in this magnificent necklace made of a unique photo image on a shell,