Gisele Bündchen Joins In Tom Brady's Patriotic Decision To Play At Least Two More Years


Two months off his Super Bowl LII loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady flew away for a Middle East vacation with his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen and their two kids. 

After posting Instagram-friendly images of the duo riding camels on the beach, Brady posted an Instagram selfie next to this wife encaptioned, "Date night with my #1."

That's all lovely, but W Magazine published a more candid interview last week, revealing the tensions in the Brady-Bundchen household around the reality that all the "energy and emotion" he puts into football often takes away from his time with his family.

Brady went on to acknowledge that time away from the game is critical to his relationship with his wife and family. “Part of this offseason for me is certainly about still preparing for what’s ahead in my next journey, my next mountain to climb with this group of teammates,” he said. “But it’s also [acknowledging] that a lot of people are getting the short end of the stick in my life—certainly my wife and my kids.”

Brady is returning to the Patriots this fall, having negotiated with his wife to play at least two more years, writes CBS Sports, based on a Brady interview at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Santa Monica, Calif. The quarterback is playing beyond the age of 40 (old by football standards), and shows no sign of wanting to give up the game. Could there be significant tension in the future around Brady's life priorities? Stay tuned. 


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