Doutzen Kroes Says Ambassador Role For #Knot On My Planet Gives Her Sense Of Purpose


Supermodel Doutzen Kroes didn’t just become an activist two years ago, but the Dutch superstar model, mom, wife, design collaborator and activist for humanity tells Vanity Fair that it’s her role as global ambassador for #Knot on My Planet that gives her a tremendous sense of purpose.

Vanity Fair checked in with Kroes before shooting the new #Knot on My Planet campaign with Naomi Campbell and Serena Williams also part of the production. The Knot on My Planet elephant conservation effort gained momentum when Reed Krakoff became chief artistic officer of Tiffany & Co. last year. The new collection will expand beyond elephants to also include rhino and lion pieces.

Tiffany has partnered with the Elephant Crisis Fund on the #KnotOnMyPlanet campaign, launching an initial campaign featuring Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington Burns, Naomi Campbell and other prominent voices tying a knot to never forget elephants under threat from ivory poachers.

While there has been some good news — China banned all commercial ivory trading in 2017 — the situation remains bleak in many African countries. Most recently, nearly 100 elephants were discovered dead in Botswana, a country that has relaxed its elephant protection policies under its newly-elected president Mokgweetsi Masisi. New reports in Africa are that Botswana is also considering lifting its hunting ban.

Followup October. 21, 2018: The New York Times wrote on September 28 an article ‘Doubts Mount in Botswana Over Charity’s Claim of Elephant ‘Poaching Frenzy’.

We will dig much deeper into the very thoughtful arguments raised in this article concerning the influences of outside groups involved in elephant conservation being pitted against the wishes and interests of native Africans living on the land. The NYT article is too complex and valuable a read to treat it as an addendum.

African elephants photographed by Susan McConnell.

African elephants photographed by Susan McConnell.

Returning to Tiffany & Co, Anisa Kamadoli Costa, chief sustainability officer at Tiffany and chairman and president of The Tiffany & Co. Foundation, sat down with Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton, founder of Save the Elephants, to discuss his tireless efforts on behalf of these magnificent creatures and what we can all do to help.


LOEWE Works With Kenya's Samburu Women On Elephant Bag For The Elephant Crisis Fund

LOEWE Elephant Crisis Fund elephant bag-72018-.jpg

LOEWE and Knot On My Planet joins forces today to launch a limited edition collection of their iconic Elephant Mini Bag in tan, in support of the Elephant Crisis Fund (ECF)—a joint initiative between Save The Elephants (STE) and WCN, in partnership with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

Knot On My Planet is closely associated with supermodel Doutzen Kroes, who hasbecome one of the loudest voices in elephant conservation, whose mission is to put an end to the ivory crisis and elephant extinction. When Kroes first visited Samburu, Kenya, and interacted with the elephant population there, she said she knew she needed to take action in the form of a long-term commitment to protecting severely-threatened elephants in Africa.  

LOEWE+Elephant+Crisis Fund-bag.jpg

These adorable, compact elephant-shaped bags—with floppy ears, trunks, and all—are among LOEWE’s most popular designs and part of their Animal line. However, this particular collection includes one unique detail that makes these bags all the more special, intricate beadwork that has been meticulously handcrafted by Samburu women from Northern Kenya. The Samburu people share a special relationship with elephants and work closely with STE to protect them.

LOEWE is donating all proceeds of sales to the Elephant Crisis Fund, which aims to stop poaching, prevent trafficking and end the demand for ivory. The bags are sold online and at Bergdorf Goodman. 

LOEWE+Elephant+Crisis Fund.jpg

Holt Renfrew Supports Doutzen Kroes' Knot On My Planet Campaign, Lensed By Chris Colls


Holt Renfrew Supports Doutzen Kroes' Knot On My Planet Campaign, Lensed By Chris Colls

The beautiful, inspiring supermodel Doutzen Kroes teams up with Canada's Holt Renfrew to support Doutzen's 'Knot On My Planet' activism. Chris Colls is behind the lens, capturing the Holt Renfrew x Knot On My Planet‘s Spring 2018 campaign to support the Elephant Crisis Fund./ Makeup by Sil Bruinsma; hair by Panos Papandrianos

If we educate people about the crisis, if we share more stories and make this bigger, I feel positive that African elephants will be here for our children to see in the wild. We have to stay hopeful for the future, always.” – Doutzen Kroes