Moa Åberg Eats The Proverbial Apple In Camilla Akrans Images For Vogue Italy November 2015

The fashion blogosphere missed an interesting commentary about female character and sexuality within the context of religion in this Moa Åberg editorial for Vogue Italia's November issue. Camilla Akrans is behind the lens for 'Not Only Vitamins, a spendid visual feast styled by Robert Rydberg./ Hair by Ali Pirzadeh; makeup by Ignacio Alonso

In 2011 the History Channel ran a show called 'Mysteries of the Garden of Eden', "without question the most important hour of TV I've ever watched. I wrote then

The apple didn’t even appear in versions of the New Testament until 500 AD.  Three years of Latin didn’t keep me from forgetting that apple in Latin is called ‘malus’.  The word also means bad, evil and wicked.
The beauty of the History Channel show ‘Mysteries of the Garden of Eden’ is that it ties many writings here at Anne of Carversville into a patchwork quilt that hangs together effectively. This is hardly the first show I’ve watched about creation myths but it is the most lucid, reaching without restraint into concepts like patriarchy and men rewriting Genesis, creating the second version in which Eve is made of Adam’s rib, destined to lie under him.