Shantel VanSanten By Rene & Radka For Maxim Magazine February 2015

Model/actor and small town Minnesota girl Shantel VanSanten poses in sleek swimsuits for the latest issue of Maxim Magazine. Lensed by Rene & Radka, Shantel explains her astronomer role in CW’s upcoming sci-fi show ‘The Messengers’.

“I play an astronomer who watches a mysterious object plummeting from the sky. When it hits, my heart stops briefly—I die!—and when I come back to life, I have this special power. It turns out there are five other people like me, also with gifts, and then we have to basically save the world from an impending apocalypse.”

VanSanten also reveals that she was a ‘nerd’ in her Lavern, Minnesota school — right down the road from Anne’s small-town birthplace. Her family didn’t even have a TV, saying she’s not sure if Cable TV even operated in Lavern.