Lukasz Pukowiec Flashes Ninouk Akkerman In 'Leather Story' For Vogue Poland December 2018

Ninouk Akkerman by Lukasz Pukowiec for Vogue Poland Dec 2018 (1).jpg

Rising model Ninouk Akkerman is styled by Karolina Gruszecka in ‘Leather Story’, lensed by Lukasz Pukowiec for Vogue Poland December 2018./ Hair by Emil Zed

Akkerman hails from Boekelo, Netherlands and comes from a family of academics, explaining her studies in neuroscience and cell biology. The 23-year-old pulled no punches in her Jan. 2018 comments to Vogue: “It really annoys me when people misrepresent scientific findings or spread plain bullshit, especially concerning medicine or alternative treatments. Some of it may be harmless, but this is definitely not always the case.”