Pharrell Williams All Stars Light Up Vogue US December 2017, Shot By Mario Testino

pharrell-williams-mario-testino-vogue-us-dec-2017- (2).jpg

We couldn't be happier to see Pharrell Williams, holding court with Imaan Hammam on the cover of American Vogue's December 2017 issue, shot by Mario Testino. Williams shares the coveted cover slot with Meryl Streep in an issue dubbed 'Then & Now'. As US fashion magazines all reflect a move into mindfulness, Vogue takes a look back at the great minds and brilliant artists who've made impactful changes in culture, beauty, politics and fashion. 

Life in Trumplandia needs every shot of positive adrenalin that we can get.  Imagine waking up on Sunday to find Trump calling you a "hater and a fool" because you are genuinely concerned about Russian involvement in the US election. Adding insult to injury, our illiterate president writes " There always playing politics . . . " rather than the correct "They're always playing politics . . . ". It's exhausting, frankly. 

The creative genius Pharrell Williams digs deeply into his post 2016 election soul as an avid Hillary Clinton supporter, reflecting on life in Trumplandia and his evolving brand of activism.  Then Pharrell lights up the pages of Vogue in this Mario Testino editorial styled by Lucinda Chambers featuring Afrodita Dorado, Dilone, Lineisy Montero, Janaye Furman, Alton Mason, Samile Bermannelli, Aiden Curtiss, Aya Jones, Selena Forrest, Joan Smalls & more