Adriana Lima Becomes Puma Women's Training Ambassador

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Adriana Lima Becomes Puma Women's Training Ambassador

Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima has staying power, being hard at work since the late 90s. Now the boxing queen ‘gym inspo’ has been named Puma’s international training ambassador, and she sits down with Glamour UK to talk her badass fearless female self.

All the sweat in the campaign is my own — I want to show the reality . . .

I believe in advertising that people want to feel related to you as a human. What I always stand for through my work is that I like to show reality, what is real. For instance, over the last few days, shooting for Puma, everything that you see in the campaign is real, I go out there and I am working out for real. The sweat you are going to see is real, it’s not a set up. I believe Puma wants to empower women to stretch and reach their goals whatever they are and whatever that takes whether that is through being fashionable or feeling good about themselves.

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