Fedex Offers Discounts of 18-26% To NRA Members and My GlamTribal Business Pays For It


As a small biz owner of GlamTribal Jewelry & Gifts -- and now a trial member of Amazon Prime -- I've been shell-shocked over the cost of using Fedex or UPS, rather than 2-day USPS, if the shipment comes over the weekend.

Amazon expects me to absorb a $20 shipping cost on a $48 pair of earrings for a Prime order, and that's w/o an additional charge of about $11 for Fedex to come and get it from me. It's cheaper to just pay the USPS overnight cost of about $20. Note that I must ship 50 orders with only one blip, and I cannot use my own USPS account, even when I know an order will arrive on time. Amazon freezes my ability to use 2-day Priority Mail, which would cost me $12 and no pickup charge. Understandably, as a prime shipment, they want to be able to track all the facts around the shipment. But vendors pay the premium price.

Now I'm reading that if only I was a member of the NRA, I would get discounts of 18-26%. So FedEx is prioritizing gun rights over the success of small entrepreneurs like myself.

I know that FedEx president David L. Cunningham Jr. is a huge contributor to the NRA. But how is it that his personal values support discounts to those who demand unfettered restrictions on military assault rifles, rather than small business owners like myself? Sorry, but that sounds unAmerican and hardly supporting free enterprise.

Why must I underwrite the cost of Fedex shipping military assault weapons, when I'm dedicated to prohibiting assault weapons? Oh, and I also support girls education in Africa and elephant conservation with business revenues. I doubt Fedex is committed to limiting the rights of assault weapons owners to kill elephants and other endangered species. I wonder if Fedex ships trophy hunters' prizes. I'll have to check that policy as most responsible airlines are saying "no go". They give up the revenue.

The majority of small business owners are women. Fedex would rather support military assault weapons murdering men -- 90% of mass killers are men -- than women business owners.

As you can imagine, FedEx and I are now in permanent divorce court, because the company's values are not my values.

I support the second amendment, but it doesn't include military assault rifles, as SC Justice Scalia explained. FedEx doesn't even agree with Scalia, which makes the company's policies ULTRA. ULTRA conservative, far more conservative than the Americans of all political parties who use Fedex for business and personal shipping.

I urge everyone to rethink your relationship with FedEx and whether you believe it's fair that small business owners like myself should be forced to underwrite their support for military assault rifles in our schools. The company says they refuse to bow to the pressure of liberals who are trying to take away gun rights. That's their choice, but we have a choice, too. ~ Anne

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