Alexander Saladrigas Flashes Lara Stone & Pat Boguslawski On Holiday For ELLE UK August 2018

Lara Stone Elle UK On Holiday (12).jpg

Supermodel Lara Stone and Movement Director & Creative Consultant Pat Boguslawski are 'On Holiday', styled by Gillian Wilkins. Photographer Alexander Saladrigas captures the couple hanging out with the people for ELLE UK August 2018./ Hair by Shinya Nakagawa; makeup by Homa Safar

Niko Riam & Frances Coombe Unite In 'Beyond the Pale' By Steph Wilson For Elle UK May 2018

Steph Wilson Beyond the Pale Elle UK (9).jpg

Models Niko Riam & Frances Coombe are a study in dramatic contrasts, styled by Gillian Wilkins for 'Beyond the Pale'. Photographer Steph Wilson captures the double entrendre editorial for Elle UK May 2018./ Hair by Susanne Lichtenegger; makeup by William Bartel

Eye | Pania Rose & Thaddeus O'Neill Are 'All At Sea', Lensed By Jake Terrey For Vogue Australia January 2018

Pania-Rose-Vogue-Australia-Jan-2018- (9).jpg

Eye | Pania Rose & Thaddeus O'Neill Are 'All At Sea', Lensed By Jake Terrey For Vogue Australia January 2018

Aussie Dutch-Maori model Pania Rose joins her husband Thaddeus O'Neil and son Cas in 'All At Sea', styled by Gillian Wilkins. Photographer Jake Terrey captures the couple for Vogue AustraliaJanuary 2018. Zara Wong conducts the interview. Highlights include:

The family regularly escapes to their organic farm near the ocean on Long Island, where the Perth-born models recharges into her sense of Australian-ness. Rose comments that her work has increased noticeably in the past year. "I thin that's partly because there is more diversity in fashion and advertising these days," she says, noting her mix of freckles from her Dutch side and olive skin from her Maori heritage. It's a marked change from her earlier career, when the US fashion industry demanded the "all-American girl look, and my category of look was considered more exotic."

Next for Rose is an adventure show for television, in which strangers follow her lead. Her husband O'Neil's eponymous fashion label is currently in the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Incubator program, where it has won rave reviews for its unisex design aesthetic inspired by a surf lifestyle.