Steven Meisel Flashes Karolin, Lexi, Fei Fei, Meghan + For Zara Fall.Winter 2018.2019 Campaign

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Models Karolin Wolter, Lexi Boling, Fei Fei Sun, Meghan Collison, Kris Grikaite, Blesnya Minher and Julia Nobis front Zara's Fall/Winter 2018.2019 ad campaign. Steven Meisel captures the old world images with styling by Karl Templer./ Hair by Guido Palau; makeup by Pat McGrath

Colin Dodgson Eyes Karolin Wolter In 'I Dreamed of Africa' For T Magazine May 20, 2018

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Model Karolin Wolter is styled by Suzanne Koller in 'I Dreamed of Africa', lensed by Colin Dodgson for T Magazine May 20, 2018.

The accompanying article by Thessaly La Force 'A Solo Sojourn Inspired by Edith Wharton's 'In Morocco', published in 1920 when she traveled the region with Hubert Lyautey, who served as the resident general of French Morocco from 1912 to 1925. By the end of the First World War, Morocco was still a colonial entity, divided between French and Spanish powers (the country would claim independence in 1956). There were no English-language guidebooks and few accounts from those who had traveled past the international port city of Tangier (“frowsy, familiar Tangier, that every tourist has visited for the last forty years,” Wharton complained in her book). 

Like most rich and successful people with the means to travel, Wharton observed that Morocco's beauty was is vast decay, without ever observing or considering once the damge colonialism may have caused throughout the African continent. Wharton writes: “Overripeness is indeed the characteristic of this rich and stagnant civilization. Buildings, people, customs, seem all about to crumble and fall of their own weight: the present is a perpetually prolonged past.”

In this aspect of her observations, Wharton was trapped in her white privilege. Nevertheless, writes La Force, Wharton possessed a blunt understanding of "the devastating truth that women, no matter where in the world, were trapped by their own society. Wharton may have had grave blind spots, but she knew very well that her own freedom — as an educated woman unencumbered by children, with a great inheritance and a greater intellect — was rare." Read on at T Magazine.  

Luigi & Iango Flashes Fashion-Rich, Femme Closeups For Vogue Germany January 2018

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Luigi & Iango Flashes Fashion-Rich, Femme Closeups For Vogue Germany January 2017

Models Lily Nova, Karolin Wolter, Jessie Bloemendaal, Ansley Gulielmi, and Anna Cleveland are styled by Patrick Mackie in 'HAUT-NAH'. Photographers Luigi & Iango flash the high-minded, fashion-rich closeups for Vogue Germany January 2018./ Hair by Luigi Murenu; makeup by Yumi Lee

Craig McDean Flashes Jamie, Mica, Karolin & More In Gritty YSL Looks For Vogue Italia July 2017

Models & talents Jamie Bochert, Chloë Sevigny, Mica Arganaraz, Karolin Wolter, Natasa Vojnovic, & Raphaelle are styled by Alastair McKimm in looks from the Yves Saint Laurent fall collection. Photographer Craig McDean captures the sexy, gritty looks for Vogue Italia July 2017.