Sophia Linnewedel Is An African Queen For Wallpaper As Ethiopia Takes Us To The Edge Of Reason

 Sophia Linnewedel In 'African Queen' By Brigitte Niedermair For Wallpaper Magazine March 2016

AOC moves from the elegance of Paris' Galerie Bernard Dulon tribal art treasures, showcased by model Sophia Linnewedel to the Danakil Depression. 

Bubbling volcanoes light up the night sky, sulphurous mounds of yellow contort into otherworldly shapes, and mirages of camels cross lakes of salt. Lying 100m and more below sea level, the Danakil Depression is about the hottest and most inhospitable place on Earth. In fact it’s so surreal that it doesn’t feel like part of Earth at all. If you want genuine, raw adventure, then few corners of the globe can match this overwhelming wilderness. But come prepared because with temperatures frequently saying hello to 50°C and appalling ‘roads’, visiting this region is more an expedition than a tour. Source

Conde Nast Traveller UK March 2016 takes us to a place that defies human logic  Ethiopia: The Edge of Reason