Would Frida Kahlo Call Donald Trump 'Chimp' & Hillary Clinton 'Bonobo'?

Would Frida Kahlo Call Donald Trump 'Chimp' & Hillary Clinton 'Bonobo'?

Bonobos are by definition progressive Democrats and -- upon reflection -- perhaps the Democratic party should schedule a presentation on patriarchal chimps and matriarchal bonobos at the upcoming July presidential convention. With a prime time night presentation, the DNC could give the nation Mother Nature's best reasons for supporting Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Simply stated, bonobos rock and Frida Kahlo would have found the species to reaffirm her feminist beliefs around cooperative culture and our human roots in Africa. Coming out of Philadelphia and heading for November's presidential election, we must be sure that a bonobo rules. ~ Anne

Chiara Scelsi Goes Romantic By Victor Demarchelier For Vogue Japan August 2016

Eye | Mami Wata Resurgence As Global Goddess | 55,000 Years-Old Female Skull Provides Critical Link In Human Evolution & Migration Out of Africa

Carmelita Mendes Is Beauty Goddess By Mari Queiroz For Amuse Magazine AOC GlamTribale

A Female Skull Closes Migration Link Out of Africa and Into The Levant

Female Skull In Israel’s Manot Cave Links Humans & Neanderthals 55,000 Years Ago AOC GlamTribale

In a series of coincidences that are peppered throughout my life, scientists have threaded another needle in the highly-probable story that human life originated in the region of Lake Turkana bordering Kenya and Ethiopia before migrating into a region known today as The Levant.

In a very real sense, today’s religious wars are going on in the very region that is the cradle of human civilization. My own relationship with The Levant area is most focused on studying the evolution of the goddesses and the rise of monotheism.

Kenya, Lake Turkana and the Omo Valley people of Ethiopia are a much stronger connection — one revealed through my inexplicable connections with the young photographer Dan Eldon. Here is a sampling of our journey.

Mami Wata Moves Into Anne of Carversville

Aphrodite Joins Mami Wata For A Swim in Human Consciousness AOC Sensual Rebel Nov. 2009

Men have always been ambivalent about mermaids, the mythological aquatic creature with a female human head and torso but the tail of a fish. In many ancient cultures, mermaids were regarded as semi-divine aspects of the Goddess.

Carl Jung’s theory of the feminine unconscious describes this oceanic-subterranean womb of creation as an unfathomable place of ancient wisdom but also fear.

The first known mermaid stories appeared in Assyria, ca. 1000 BC. The goddess Atargatis, mother of Assyrian queen Semiramis, loved a mortal shepherd and unintentionally killed him.

Distraught and ashamed, Atargatis jumped into a lake to take the form of a fish, but the waters would not conceal her divine beauty. Thereafter, she took the form of a mermaid—human above the waist, fish below—though the earliest representations of Atargatis showed her as a fish with a human head and legs, similar to the Babylonian Ea. The Greeks recognized Atargatis under the name Derketo.

Prior to 546 BC, the Milesian philosopher Anaximander proposed that mankind had sprung from an aquatic species of animal. The scientist and highly-regarded critical thinker thought that humans, with their extended infancy, could not have survived otherwise.

Mami Wata Resurgence In South Africa

Steve Marais Celebrates African & Global Goddess Mami Wata As Mermaid In Gaschette Magazine AOC Salon

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Female Skull In Israel's Manot Cave Links Humans & Neanderthals 55,000 Years Ago


Female Skull In Israel's Manot Cave Links Humans & Neanderthals 55,000 Years Ago

Israeli researchers published a critical article this week, arguing that a 55,000 years-old, female skull found in the Manot Cave of Israel’s Western Galilee is a crucial link in understanding the evolution of the human species.  Scientists believe that the skull offers definitive proof that anatomically modern humans coexisted with Neanderthals in the same geographical area.

It’s widely accepted science that human origins date back about 200,000 years to Africa. However, there has not been agreement about which migration model of early Homo sapiens led to the population of our planet, accompanied by the extinction of Neanderthals.

The morphology of the skull indicates that it is that of a modern human of African origin, bearing characteristics of early European Upper Palaeolithic populations. This suggests that the Levantine populations were ancestral to earlier European populations,” said Prof. (Israel) Hershkovitz (of Tel Aviv University).  “This study also provides important clues regarding the likely inbreeding between anatomically modern humans and Neanderthals.”

The Manot Cave, where the skull was unearthed, was discovered accidentally in 2008 when a bulldozer struck the cave roof, revealing a time capsule tens of thousands of years old. “This is a goldmine,” said Prof. Hershkovitz. “Most other caves are ‘disturbed caves,’ but this is untouched, frozen in time — truly an amazing find. Among other artefacts found there, the skull, which we dated to 55,000 years ago using uranium thorium methods, was astonishing. It provides insight into the beginnings of the dispersal of modern humans all over the world.”

Eye | Elisabeth Daynes Early Human Sculptures | Annie Leibovitz 'Pilgrimage' | Anna Says More Kimye Coming

Global Mind

Prehistoric Humans Revealed

How our ancestors really looked and dressed: Exhibition reveals the face of pre-historic man  Daily News UK

For the past seven years, sculptor and avid paleaonthropology researcher Elisabeth Daynes has studied human origins. This passion was first launched by Daynes in 1988 when the Thot Museum in Montignac (France) commissioned her to create hyper realistic reconstructions of a life-size mammoth and a group of Magdalenian people from the later cultures of the Upper Paleolithic period in western Europe.

With the opening of the Tautavel Museum dedicated to Human origins in the French Pyreneans, Elisabeth Daynes became widely known.

In 1996, the artist met Jean-Noël Vignal, a forensic anthropologist at the Forensic Institute of Paris. This collaboration married her career as a sculptor of early humans with advanced technology.  Read more about Elisabeth Daynes’ biography.

Now Elisabeth Daynes has brought a pair of 17,000-year-old skeletons to life, creating silicone models of them after studying their prehistoric bones. The representations of ‘Chancelade Man’ and the ‘Woman of the Pataud Shelter’ are based on remains found in France’s Dordogne region and believed to date to the 18th millennium BC. The woman wears fur, hemp and nettle and sports ivory and bone beads — a representation based on research. The dreadlocks and tattoos are artistic license, based purely on conjecture.

Daynes’ models are on exhibit until December 5, 2014 as ‘Chairs des Origins — our ancestors as you’ve never seen’ in Bordeaux


Georgia O’Keefe Record Sale

The value of simplicity prevailed this week when Georgia O’Keeffe’s painting ‘Jimson Weed/White Flower No.1’ sold for $44.4 million, more than triple the previous auction record for any work by a female artist. The work was sold by the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico to replenish its own acquisitions fund.

Sotheby’s hasn’t disclosed the identity of the buyer, who bid by telephone. The previous auction record for an O’Keeffe painting was $6.2 million, in a 2001 Christie’s New York sale.

More Georgia O’Keeffe at AOC.

Film | Actor Debrinna Mansini To Play Georgia O’Keeffe in ‘Awakening in Taos’

Georgia O’Keeffe | Art, Sensuality, Orchids, Divinity

O’Keeffe to Chicago | Women’s Liberty Not Won

Annie Leibovitz’s ‘Pilgrimage’

Annie Leibovitz: Pilgrimage at the Smithsonian February, 2012; (AP Photo by Jacquelyn Martin) The New-York Historical Society celebrates the final stop on the national tour of Annie Leibovitz’s Pilgrimage, organized by the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

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Pope Asserts God Was Absolutely Behind Big Bang in Universe

RedTracker| The Vatican had a busy day, with the Pope moving from news of his new Discovery Channel series on exorcisms from the Vatican files to denouncing the big bang theory of life in our universe as a result of chance.

The Pope rarely talks about science and creation, but today was unyielding in his assertion that “The universe is not the result of chance, as some would want to make us believe.”

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