‘Les Noveaux Talismans’ Accessories Lensed by Theo De Gueltzl for M le Magazine du Monde - Pt 2

M le Magazine du Monde delivers an absolutely spectacular accessories editorial with ‘Les Noveaux Talismans’, styled by Ibrahim Kamara. The cast includes Julie Richelle, Caio Guimaraes, Rebecca Nol, Vitor Veka, Akin Ribeiro, Ivy Souza, Beatriz De CarvalhoWictor De Paula, but quite honestly — they don’t matter. It’s the styling, prop work and an insane amount of creativity that delivers a platinum-level display of artistry. / Hair & makeup by Renata Brazil.

We’re trying to get more information — the special consultant — is there another creative vision behind this editorial. The magazine is referencing a new day and a new attitude — some typography changes — but the statements are vague.

Jacobs+Talbourdet-Napoleone is listed as the creative agency for M le Magazine du Monde and some images are on their Instagram.

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