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Our first 10 styles of GlamTribal Earrings are now shipped by Amazon USA. The goal is to move 90% of our GlamTribal inventory into Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). International friends can buy the jewelry from, with shipping across the globe.

Woolly Mammoth Bone Earrings

GlamTribal Jewelry and Anne of Carversville are passionate about elephants . . . like forever . . . like since I was a little girl. It was decades later in 2010, when I learned about woolly mammoths after seeing our adored former First Lady Michelle Obama wearing woolly mammoth ivory jewelry as part of a symposium on saving elephants.

Debate ensued from day one — noted then on Tree Hugger — that promoting long-dead woolly mammoth ivory as an ecological, sustainable and ethical alternative to murdering elephants was a win-win for all parties involved in the debate. Almost a decade later, the significant supply of woolly mammoth ivory on the global market has not stopped the killing of elephants for their ivory.

AOC has tracked both sides of the debate for years now, most recently with the decision at the August 2019 CITES conference — also known as World Wildlife Conference — in Geneva to table the Israeli proposal to declare the long-extinct woolly mammoth an endangered species until the 2022 meeting.

GlamTribal Jewelry only uses woolly mammoth bone beads, and bone beads from other mammoth species. Note that the Tree Hugger 2010 references suggests that tusks are bones, and that is not a correct statement. The error adds nothing but further confusion to the discussion.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama Initially Hoped Long-Dead Mammoth Ivory Would Stop the Slaughter of Elephants

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There is no debate around woolly mammoth bones, except to learn who stole the full-scale woolly mammoth skeleton standing 11-feet tall from the University of Minnesota’s Bell Museum. Oh wait! Google has no warning that this was an April Fool’s joke. I’m so glad AOC followed the trail of unfolding facts.

My dear cousin Jo wore her GlamTribal jewelry to the Bell Museum’s woolly mammoth exhibit, using it as an education tool for kids.

It would not be the first time that young children sat in art show booths and museum shows, making up fantastical stories about GlamTribal Jewelry and Gifts. Just thinking of those moments reminds me of how much we miss the Obamas’ precious and delightful relationships with children — and how important arts education for kids remains to the Obamas and progressives worldwide.

Okay, Anne. Don’t go suddenly glum mood in this wonderful story about GlamTribal Jewelry now being shipped by Amazon. Save your misty-eyed, missing-the-Obamas moment and get cracking on moving more GlamTribal Jewelry styles into Amazon FBA.

If you’re as interested in the history of woolly mammoths as I am — and the current debate around woolly mammoth ivory — AOC gives you a detailed reading list. ~ Anne