Stella Maxwell + Joshua Barrett Torch Act 1 Magazine #3, In Sebastian Faena's Ode To Duduism

Sebastian Faena+Stella Maxwell+Jordan Barrett+Duduism (31).jpg

Model stars Stella Maxwell and Jordan Barrett joined forces with photographer Sebastian Faena in The Daily’s third annual limited-edition art magazine launched in Miami at Art Basel. Perhaps inspired by other events in Trumplandia, the trio collaborated around the theme of Duduism, which Faena describes as “a form of artistic anarchy born out of disdain for the social, aesthetic, and cultural values of the time. It embraces elements of art, music, poetry, combat, and romance.”

Only two weeks earlier, Barrett’s supporters were pushing back against rumours that his hard-partying and ‘bad behaviour’ had hurt his career. Hey, AOC loves Sebastian Faena , so kudos to his artistic vision! Proceed with full knowledge that the trio torches the place. ~ Anne

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