Cara Delevingne Is All Skin In Simon Emmett Images For Esquire UK September 2016

Supertalent Cara Delevingne lounges naked, lensed by Simon Emmett for the Esquire UK September cover story. Cara is interviewed by Alex Bilmes in 'The Changeling'. 

Today, at the Bulgari, she’s wearing a black-and-white checked Chanel coat, a low-cut white vest over a negligible black lacy something, black Chanel leggings and black Chanel trainers. “Quite a lot of Chanel,” she says, apologetically. She seems embarrassed. “It’s weird for me.”
Not that weird, surely? She models for Chanel. She’s in the ads. She’s the Chanel girl. Presumably she didn’t pay for these clothes? That’s true, she says. But the free clothes are a relatively recent phenomenon. And she’s not sure she’s cool with it. I sense she feels it doesn’t quite gel with her brand.

Dripping in Chanel is a mind-twist for a woman who isn't particularly interested in clothes or spending money on designer clothes.  Cara certainly can afford them, ranking as the second-highest-earning model on the Forbes list behind Gisele Bundchen. Yet she is mindful that the fashion world is often too self-involved, too po-faced. Of her earlier days, she says, “I just remember being like, ‘This is insane. People need to lighten up. We’re not fucking changing the world. I’m sorry. So everyone should stop taking themselves so fucking seriously and just laugh at it all.’”