CR Fashion Book #14 Punches Feminine-Masculine Stereotypes In 'Deviating From Gender'

Deviating-From-Gender-by-Steven-Klein-for-CR-Fashion-Book-Issue- (12).jpg

Carine Roitfeld probes the hot topic of gender fluidity that is sweeping through fashion with a groundswell of support among young people like the Parkland students. There are fashion trends and then there are cultural, human identity evolutionary moments. Gender fluidity feels like it’s a topic that is here to stay and will achieve major goals in changing the larger culture over time.

Who better than to probe this topic that Roitfeld’s friend, photographer Steven Klein who turns his eye to models Cara Taylor, Guinevere Van Seenus, Olley Eley, Bente Oort, Avie Acosta, and Evie Salvail. Klein knocks the crap out of common perceptions of femininity and masculinity with ‘Deviating From Gender’ for CR Fashion Book #14./ Hair by Didier Malige; makeup by Grace Ahn

In the Spring 2019 issue of LOVE Magazine, Steven Klein did an even more provocative examination of women’s bodies and society’s obsession with body parts. See ‘Boobs’ link after this editorial.

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