Anna Juzova | Marco D'Amico | Vogue.It Talents April 2011

We have a big Body | Beauty | Culture boost from Vogue Italia’s Talents section, with Italian photographer Marco D’Amico delivering a layered, female-centric set of fashion images of model Anna Juzova, styled by Italo Pantano. The attitude of the images expresses womanly themes around the relationship of fashion and body, with a dose of morality thrown in for good measure. Simply brilliant!

In an interview also posted stylist Italo Pantano explains:

“The inspiration for the editorial came from the photographic studies that Weegee did in the 1950s on the female nude, as well as from the dancer Loïe Fuller and erotic postcards from the 1920s. From there came the idea of styling the clothes in a flesh colour, which both uncovers and clothes the body. We played around with the form and the weight of the fabrics and experimented with three-dimensionality and the levels of the image.”

Photographer Marco D’Amico continues:

This was photography that was elaborated later: where and how did you position the viewpoint?
“Contemporary ideas combined with retro allusions were central to the photos, and this was enhanced in postproduction. The perceptual point of view of the form was created by geometric effects and curves. These reflected the silhouettes, deconstructing the clothes and transforming them into art objects. I created a primordial sensation by using colours of light which blended shade by shade with the stylistic choices of the designs, which were pure, clean and fresh. The image was deconstructed – and then reconstructed in a way that gave it a new meaning, one that was visceral, almost animal, contributing towards the representation of a multiform, unexpected kind of femininity.”