Redtracker | Julia Haart Named LaPerla Creative Director | Internet Uncorks Topic of Women Drinking

Women's News Headlines August 25, 2016

One of the world's most luxurious lingerie brands as a new creative director. La Perla remains best known for its glamorous bras, panties, corsets and slip dresses, but Julia Haart wants to reformulate the brand's ready-to-wear offering.

Haart's vision has elements of Donna Karan's original philosophy -- granted not the perfect white shirt -- but a sense that women can be sensual in a suit. AOC calls her a "smart sensuality woman". 

“I love that La Perla has this sexy, sensual kind of image, and I certainly would never want to change La Perla’s DNA. My idea is that you can embrace your femininity and it doesn’t have to be only in your undergarments. If you’re wearing a suit, a dress, it should be molded to a female form while still being professional, beautiful, chic, elegant—one does not negate the other,” she said.

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