Daily Stormer Is Down, Kicked Off GoDaddy, Then Google. We Assume It Will Rise Again

Daily Stormer Is Down, Kicked Off GoDaddy, Then Google. We Assume It Will Rise Again

The now infamous neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer lost its GoDaddy hosting home Monday night after being advised that it had 24 hours to find another host provider. The company has been criticized for months for hosting the Daily Stormer, which clearly violated its terms of service. 

Daily Stormer first launched a false flag operation, saying that Anonymous had taken over its website in honor of Heather Heyer, the victim of a domestic terror act on Saturday in Charlottesville, Va. Owner Andrew Anglin, who wrote a disgusting diatribe against Heyer, then moved the site to Google, which immediately announced that it would not host the website.

In the Daily Stormer post, Anglin called Heyer a 'slut', characterizing her as dying in a “road rage incident.” He said she was a “drain on society” and disparaged her appearance. “Most people are glad she is dead,” he wrote.

Tunisia Hit With Third Terrorist Attack This Year | 30-Day State of Emergency In Place

From Anne's FB page

I want to share my FB friend Meriem's beautiful photo and say that -- while I will continue to fly the French flag -- I applaud her gesture.

With several FB friends from Tunisia, please know that I am terribly concerned about your country. Being deeply involved in Sudan for years and knowing what can happen when a blossoming society -- whose women are among the most progressive and educated in Africa -- is co-opted and redefined by fundamentalist forces, I am fearful for my friends in Tunisia.

Tunisia was hit today with its third terrorist act this year, killing at least 12 people, wounding 20 members of the presidential guard, and prompting the president to declare a 30-day state of emergency. The Tunis airport has been closed, along with tourist sites.

The attack was carried out by jihadists. Thousands, according to the NY Times, of Tunisian citizens have traveled to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS.

My FB wall reported on two earlier attacks in Tunisia this year. The Islamic State carried out an attack at the Bardo National Museum in March, killing 22 people. In June, 38 people including 30 British tourists were killed at a beach hotel in Sousse.

Thank you Meriem for reminding us of the terrible challenges faced by the people of Tunisia, under assault by terrorists seeking to undermine their beautiful country. You are a symbol of compassion and intelligence whatever flag you are flying, and I regret that you may change it too often in today's world. I see where this is going, so be sure to tag me in the future. ~ Anne.

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Military victories over the Islamic State’s fighters will  help to destroy their image of macho invincibility. But if we really want to defeat ISIS for good, ideas must triumph. Societies must have ideological alternatives they can believe in. 

Luckily there is such an alternative. It’s called Tunisia.

Despite long odds, Tunisia (pop. 11 million) has emerged as the Arab Spring’s lone success story. Tunisians have stuck to their hard-won democratic institutions despite considerable political and economic turmoil. The Islamist Ennahdha Party has played a crucial part in this success by demonstrating its willingness to share power with its ideological opponents and allowing genuine political competition. The Nobel Committee’s decision to bestow its latest Peace Prize on four groups with prominent roles in the country’s democratic transition has lent international recognition to the Tunisians’ achievement.

Hillary Clinton's Plan To Take On ISIS | Watch Nov. 19 Council of Foreign Relations Speech

Hillary Clinton's Plan To Take On ISIS | Watch Nov. 19 Council of Foreign Relations Speech

For friends trying to understand fundamentally what's going on with ISIS, VOX shares an overview of the history of ISIS: a 15-20 minute read that is highly informative.  AOC calls out three key paragraphs that are relevant to our understanding of the world and content strategy.

9 Questions about ISIS You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask VOX

The Apocalypse

ISIS's first obsession, though, is not the caliphate but the apocalypse. The group's leaders, by every indication, earnestly believe that their role is to help usher in the final days and the end of the world. McCants explained, in his interview with Williams, how this belief developed into ISIS's focus on building a state:

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Rape of Women

ISIS also promotes what the New York Times's Rukmini Callimachi called a "theology of rape": a vast infrastructure of sexual violence and slavery, with ISIS encouraging rape as not just a tool of war but a matter of daily life in the caliphate. Yes, this is its own awful recruiting tool, but it's even more than that: It's a way for both the group and its individual members to demonstrate power by associating sexual violence with victory.

Original Caliphates Centered on Religious Expression

For jihadists, the caliphates are the height of Islam's glory, the banner of a sort of Islamic nationalism. Framing your jihadist movement as the rebirth or continuation of the caliphate is a way of asserting the idea that all Muslims should be joined in one state, that they should be ruled by Islam (or more specifically, the jihadists' version of Islam), and that all other Islamic authorities and states are apostates.
The jihadists also promote the idea that because the caliphates existed a long time ago and were politically organized around Islam, they must have therefore been ultra-conservative theocracies. But that is quite simply false: At their height, the caliphates were centers of artistic expression and scientific development.