Military Issues New Orders Against Using Non-consensual Images As Cyber-bullying & Revenge Porn

Military Issues New Orders Against Using Non-consensual Images As Cyber-bullying & Revenge Porn

The US Navy and Marine Corps took action Wednesday around the recent sharing online of non-consensual photos of military women. Both branches of the military officially barred service members from distributing nude photos without the consent of individuals depicted in the images. 

The change was announced in an all-service message signed by acting Navy Secretary Sean Stackley as an interim update to the official book of Navy regulations. When a new edition of the document is printed, the prohibition against photo distribution will be included.

Prohibited behavior now includes physical electronic sharing of intimate photos without legal justification or cause and without knowledge of consent, writes the Military Times. "These photos cannot be distributed with intent to realize personal gain; with the intent to humiliate, harm, harass, threaten, or coerce the subject; or with "reckless disregard" as to whether sharing the photos would have such an effect, the language of the new regulation states."

Melania Trump's First Lady Body Language Is Not Welcoming

Melania Trump Goes Arms-Crossed Defensive Pose, Putting Strong Barrier Between Her & American People

About those Crossed Arms

Both arms are folded together across the chest as an attempt to put a barrier between the person and someone or something they don't like. . . Crossed-Arms-on-Chest is universal and is decoded with the same defensive or negative meaning almost everywhere. It is commonly seen among strangers in public meetings, in queues or cafeteria lines, elevators or anywhere that people feel uncertain or insecure.

Bottom line with crossed-arms-on-chest main Melania Trump message: she's not coming out and you're not coming in.

When the crossed arms then become the Double-Arm-Grip as Melania Trump is posing, additional reinforcement is achieved in a form of self-hugging. Westside Toastmasters explains that in extended, hostile debates, the arms are easily gripped so tight that one's fingers and knuckles can turn white, with blood circulation being cut off. The pose shows a very negative attitude and definitely a message of "I do not want to be standing here."

Savannah Cunningham, In Center Of Marine Online Misogyny Scandal, Starts Basic Training In April

Savannah Cunningham, In Center Of Marine Online Misogyny Scandal, Starts Basic Training In April

Savannah Cunningham says that while she's been torn over how to respond to the online harassment, she decided to join the Marines because it was the most selective and demanding. She will work on a crew loading missiles on Cobra helicopters.

As her Twitter pics reveal, Cunningham has been working out intensely in preparation for Marine duty. "I wanted to make sure I could do anything male Marines could," she told the Times. "I didn't want anyone to hold me to a lower standard. "

While horrified by what happened to her and how a former close boyfriend shared a private strip tease video, Sav now dates a Marine sergeant and says the majority of male Marines she knows were totally disgusted by the photo sharing. 

"We have to be positive examples of the change we want to see," she said. "Courage, integrity, honor: I want to live those values."

Military Nude Women Pics Scandal Expands With Calls For Marines To 'Share the Wealth'

military nude women scandal.jpg

'Fearless Girl' isn't the only one being metaphorically f#cked this week. The scandal and investigation into hundreds of Marines accused of sharing naked photographs of their female colleagues in a private Facebook group has widened. 

Hundreds of nude photos of female service members from every military branch have been posted to an image-sharing message board -- Anon IB -- that dates back to at least May. In dozens of threaded conversations among men, many of them ask for 'wins' -- naked photographs -- of individual female service members, often calling out the women's names or where they are stationed. 

This new allegation comes in the aftermath of a week-old explosive Facebook story published by Marine veteran Thomas Brennan, calling out a Facebook group called Marines United, home to about 30,000 members who were also sharing nude photos of women Marines and other female service members along with their personal information. Sometimes the comments included encouragement of sexual assault. 

Helly Luv, The 'Kurdish Shakira' Takes On ISIS With 'Revolution' Video

The New York Times ‘Women in the World’ (formerly of The Daily Beast) features pop star Helly Luv, dubbed the ‘Kurdish Shakira’. In her new video ‘Revolution’, Luv rallies men and women in a Kurdish war zone.

“People all around the world, round the world don’t be scared. Come together let ‘em know, let ‘em know, we’re right here,” she sings throughout the video that features real people facing the day-to-day threats of Islamic militants.

Vice writes that the redhead is on ISIS’s radar for ‘Revolution’. Her ‘Revolution’ video was shot about two miles away from the front line separating ISIS militants and the Kurdish Peshmerga troops.

Helly Luv and her Peshmerga mother fled Iran for Turkey, days after she was born. They lived homeless in Turkey for several years before moving to Finland as refugees. At age 18 Helly moved to LA and made contacts in the music business before returning to the Middle East to create music and videos that combat terrorism with messages of pride, unity and peace.

In her own words, Luv reveals her determination to stand up to ISIS.

‘Revolution’ is not only the story of Kurds. It’s the story of us all, because ISIS is not just the enemy of Kurds; they’re the enemy of the whole world. It’s our own responsibility to come together, unite, and fight against them. If we don’t, then tomorrow they will expand; they will get more powerful. I went to Los Angeles and created “Revolution” with the same producer and the same staff who did “Risk It All,” and it was the most difficult song to record; I was basically crying the whole time. Violence and terrorism is everywhere. Yesterday, it was in Germany, before that it was Tunis, and before that it was Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

Update Kurdish Women Fighters

AOC has followed the incredible story of the Kurdish Women Fighters who are taking on ISIS. filmed a documentary ‘Her War: Women VS. ISIS’, telling the story of young Kurdish women in Syria who are defending their country while advancing their hopes of self-government. The Kurds are an ethnic group that is culturally and linguistically related to Iran. The Kurdistan region spans adjoining parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

A new article at Muftah centers on Western media’s romancing of the Kurdish women fighters, promoting them as seekers of democracy.

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