Iconic Volkswagon Beetle Emerges As Modern, Electric Car


Volkswagon charmed global citizens this summer, announcing that it would reintroduce their classic microbus with electric power. Today we are charmed to learn that the iconic VW Beetle will reemerge as a modern electric vehicle. The iconic, vintage design remains with an eco-friendly, high-tech upgrade.

“The electrified Beetle combines the charm of our classic car with the mobility of the future. Innovative e-components from Volkswagen Group Components are under the bonnet–we work with them to electrify historically important vehicles, in what is an emotional process,” explains Thomas Schmall, Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Group Components. “We are also providing Beetle owners with a professional conversion solution, using production parts of the highest quality.”

With a range of 125 miles before a charge, the new e-Beetle is a perfect car for running around Carversville. The near-production model of the e-Beetle was debuted at the 2019 International Motor Show, which takes place in Frankfurt, Germany every September. The successful concept means that more historic car conversions could be on the horizon, with Volkswagen hinting that an e-Porsche 356 might be arriving soon, writes My Modern Met.

Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Honored With Own Typeface Greta Grotesk


As the world goes totally mad, we must turn to the creatives -- that would be me -- to keep us from losing our minds entirely. LOL and crying through my tears.

Greta Thunberg has been honored with a typeface called Greta Grotesk, inspired by and emulating the teenage activist’s handwriting.

Tal Shub, creator of the typeface, is a designer based in New York who co-founded Uno, a company with a mission to eradicate single-use plastic bottles by offering a reusable alternative.

“We’re all very moved by how this girl has inspired so many people to take action,” Tal states. “From the very first moment of seeing her sign, I was really impressed by the bold design and clarity of the message.” As Greta’s letterings clearly struck a chord with many around the world, not just Tal, he was surprised at how little discussion there was around the actual typography. “Here’s this iconic piece of visual communication, yet nobody’s really paying attention to how that design is central to this movement. It’s really the classic typographic discussion – something that’s starring you in the face, but most people don’t pay attention to it,” he adds.

Read more details about Greta Grotesk’s typeface.

Art by Congo, the Famous Painting Ape, to Go on Sale at London's Mayor Gallery


Art by Congo, the Famous Painting Ape, to Go on Sale at London's Mayor Gallery

In December, a beloved 20th-century artist will finally get his due when a lot of 55 paintings by Congo the chimpanzee goes on exhibit at the Mayor Gallery in London.

The paintings are owned by Desmond Morris, who hosted “Zoo Time,” a U.K. show broadcast from the London Zoo in the 1950s.

Morris was no ordinary television host. He was a noted abstract painter, an ethologist (someone who studies animal behavior) and zoologist. He’s also the author of many popular science books, including 1967’s The Naked Ape, which examines humans through a zoologists lens.

As Nigel Reynolds at the Telegraph reports, one day Morris offered the young chimp Congo a pencil and the rest was history. “He took it [the pencil] and I placed a piece of card in front of him,” Morris recalls. “This is how I recorded it at the time, ‘Something strange was coming out of the end of the pencil. It was Congo’s first line. It wandered a short way and then stopped. Would it happen again? Yes, it did, and again and again.’”

LVMH Luxury Ventures Invests in California's Madhappy Streetwear Lounge Around Brand

In June 2019 Architectural Digest revealed two LA retail pop-ups created to promote mental health and inclusivity as critical brand DNA into the shopping experience. In the consummate LA lifestyle shopping experience, California gave us Madhappy and an invite to the local optimist group.

Before we start swooning, what about Madhappy’s sustainability credentials? We’re still looking but in F.A.Q. Madhappy answers the question of how to care for Mh products with the reply “We recommend washing on cold. Hang dry or dry on low heat. Lower environmental footprint + perfect for your Mh.” This fact does not answer our sustainable fabrics question.

Madhappy products are currently made in LA; Classics by Madhappy are available year-round with a flow of new seasonal colors. Limited capsule collections and collabs are never restocked.

Is Pharrell Williams singing ‘Happy’ running through your brain yet? It was in ours for the last 15 minutes, prompting us to imagine the perfect Madhappy festival, as directed by a blog post. Madhappy’s four co-founders: brothers Peiman Raf and celebrity stylist Noah Raf, Joshua Sitt, and Mason Spector have a big reason to be happy.

The LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton Luxury Ventures subsidiary revealed that it has taken an investment position in Madhappy and its positivity-centric message. In March 2019, the smile-worthy streetwear concept raised $1.8 million from MeUndies founder Jonathan Shokrian, College Fashionista founder Amy Levin Klein, founders from Sweetgreen, and Justin Caruso, the son of American retail real estate magnate Rick Caruso.

Business of Fashion notes that LVMH’s “bet on a tiny streetwear label is a sign of the luxury giant’s eagerness to get on board with start-up culture and emerging fashion business models, even as its parent steers some of the industry’s biggest brands.”  

“LVMH is not trying to recreate [streetwear] from a distance by copying after the fact,” Shireen Jiwan, founder of Sleuth Brand Consulting told BoF. Instead, by way of investments like this and the appointment of figures like Virgil Abloh to top spots under its main umbrella, “they’re getting in front of it by collaborating with the organic creators of this new way of living, working, wanting, shopping, being.” 

Great Apes May Use Their Own Experience to Guess What Others Will Do, Giving Them 'Theory of Mind'

A new survey of 47 chimpanzees, bonobos and organgutans suggests great apes draw on personal experience to infer others’ actions, exhibiting a skill once thought to be unique to humans.

A new survey of 47 chimpanzees, bonobos and organgutans suggests great apes draw on personal experience to infer others’ actions, exhibiting a skill once thought to be unique to humans.

Great Apes May Use Their Own Experience to Guess What Others Will Do, Giving Them 'Theory of Mind'

As researchers led by Fumihiro Kano of Japan’s Kyoto University report in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the findings add to a growing body of evidence indicating non-human animals possess “theory of mind,” or the ability to attribute mental states—including beliefs, desires and knowledge—to oneself and others.

According to Cosmos’ Tanya Loos, the study builds on a 2016 investigation also co-authored by Kano. The previous paper, published in the journal Science, showed that great apes are capable of recognizing when others are operating under a false set of assumptions—a key component of theory of mind.

To determine primates’ capacity for understanding false belief, Kano, lead coauthor Christopher Krupenye of Duke University and their colleagues conducted a series of anticipatory looking tests. In the 2016 experiment, great apes watched videos of humans—one dressed as a gorilla—hiding an object and then guessing where it was. One video showed the gorilla-suit actor hiding an object while another human watched. The person then had to guess where the object was hidden. A second video showed the gorilla-suit actor hiding an object after the other human left the room. When the person returned, they had to guess where the object was hidden.

TheRealReal x Burberry Relationship Promotes Deeply Personal Mutual Brand Loyalty

Burberry X RealReal.jpg

Writing for Forbes, Pamela N. Danziger digs beyond the obvious into the details of the newly-announced partnership between Burberry and TheRealReal. Officially the union promotes increasingly critical synergies in corporate responsibility and sustainable living in the fashion industry.

“Leading the way in creating a more circular economy for fashion is a key element of our Responsibility agenda,” Pam Batty, Burberry’s VP of corporate responsibility, said in a statement. “Through this new partnership we hope to not only champion a more circular future but encourage consumers to consider all the options available to them when they are looking to refresh their wardrobes.”

Burberry claims to have been at the “forefront of sustainability in fashion” for more than 15 years, an assertion that assertion may be up for debate among environmentalists. Surely Burberry doesn’t claim to share the Stella McCartney eco-conscious spotlight.

McCartney has been on the RealReal since 2018, experiencing a 65% increase in the number of consignors of her branded merchandise and a total increase of 74% of Stella McCartney items sold on the RealReal after announcing the partnership.

The real importance of the Burberry - RealReal relationship is lifetime customer acquisition, argues Danziger. More customers who experience both brands first at resale, then at full-price in a Burberry store, then returning to the trusted halo of The RealReal to resell and recycle. Sustainable, eco-conscious action is a critical issue, but don’t underestimate the inherent result of sustainable economics that translates into brand loyalty more intimate and personal than any ad campaign.

The RealReal reports demand for Burberry has increased 64% year-over-year, with Millennial and GenZ customer searches rising fastest on its site. In addition, the ThredUp 2019 Resale Report states that Burberry is the luxury brand with the best resale value; Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermès, and Prada are lower on that list.

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Caroline Knudssen by Stefan Heindrichs NET-A-PORTER-Burberry-AW19 (3).jpg