Iman & Imaan Hammam Cover March 2018 Vogue Arabia, Wearing Contrasting Turbans By Nnenne Stella


The March 2018 issue of Vogue Arabia sent gasps through the fashion industry as rising model Imaan Hammam joined forces with supermodel and industry icon Iman Abdulmajid on one of three industry covers. Michael Philouze styles the duo with images by Patrick Demarchelier. 

Sharing the joint cover in which the two wear contrasting black and white feathers and turban headpieces, Vogue Arabia wrote on Instagram: “Two generations of icons unite for the anniversary issue of Vogue Arabia, with not one, but three covers.” It is the first birthday for this international brand of Vogue. They go on to explain, “With life stories deeply rooted in the Arab world, @imaanhammam and @the_real_iman are the perfect cover stars for the bumper March issue.” 

Sudanese-Born, Howard U Discovered Anok Yai Opens Prada Show As 1st Model of Color in 20 Years


Sudanese-Born, Howard U Discovered Anok Yai Opens Prada Show As 1st Model of Color in 20 Years

It's been over 20 years since a model of color opened the Prada show in Milan. Sudanese model, 19-year-old Anok Yai ended that black beauty drought on Thursday night. 

Teen Vogue highlights Prada's lack of runway diversity, with The Guardian pointing out that between Naomi's 1997 opening the show runway walk and Jourdan Dunn being cast in 2008, the highly influential Miuccia Prada didn't feature one black model on her runway. 

We first wrote about Anok Yai and her discovery at a Howard University fundraising even last fall, when she appeared in Prada's Black Nylon S/S 2018 campaign. 

Florida Lawmakers Say They Will Not Debate Gun Control But Declare Porn A Health Risk


Florida Lawmakers Say They Will Not Debate Gun Control But Declare Porn A Health Risk

After posting on FB last night that South Carolina lawmakers want to declare gay marriage'parody marriage', I see that Fla lawmakers are also very, very busy.

Our brave Parkland kids rose the buses for 8 hrs. yesterday to their state capitol -- sleeping in the civic center w/their parent minders Tuesday night -- even though Fla legislators announced yesterday that there is no way they will debate an assault weapon ban or other gun legislation.

BUT the legislators DID have time to declare porn a health risk, reports BuzzFeed. .

I REPEAT, Fla legislators declared porn to be health risk but say they will NOT debate gun control in any form. My international friends, this is the state of the American conservative Republican mind today, the Trump mind in action.

More guns. Less porn. Maybe porn is so important to them because they buy more of it and watch it on Sunday. The credit card companies have worked in HUGE research studies -- like 500,000 porn purchases -- to identify by state and date bought.

David Bellemere Reminds Me Why I'm An American Woman Charmed But Not Seduced By French Men


David Bellemere Reminds Me Why I'm An American Woman Charmed But Not Seduced By French Men

I am so disgusted with photographer David Bellemere tonight, that I regret having written such positive words about his sensual images over the years.  AOC is probably one of the most beautiful repositories of his work on the Internet.

Even though I come out of the Victoria's Secret organization, this ardent feminist was circumspect in writing about the recent Lui magazine controversy between VS Angel Sara Sampaio and Bellemere. Sampaio might even accuse me of siding with Bellemere, in spite of my expressed neutrality, and I would understand her accusation. 

The #MeToo movement had broken in America by the end of October when Sara Sampaio took issue with her photographic experience with David Bellemere, and I listed a few #MeToos of my own that are quite serious as sexual assault experiences go. The memories have never doused my appreciation for men, although I no longer tolerate nonsense -- only because life is too short, and I am a lovely woman in every aspect. 

At this moment I am so angry with David Bellemere, I will have to sleep on my response to his comments to WWD about the explosive Boston Globe story on sexual harassment and aggression among fashion photographers. Bellemere is named in a detailed, front page story that has already impacted his career. I note, though, that VS ended their relationship with Bellemere over complaints about his behavior from the models and Angels, many of whom also consider themselves to be feminists. It's not a word we throw around, but we will all use it especially in this #MeToo moment. 

I am using the word 'feminist' because Bellemere has used it. He has dropped the gauntlet, and so will I. There will be no neutrality now on my attitude about David Bellemere. His comments brought back a night in my life and an essay I wrote several years ago about my limited experiences with French men -- which have never been favorable in a romantic sense. 

These are Bellemere's comments, published in WWD, that have really pissed me off. I will continue this dialogue after some reflections. 

“There is due process. We have something called justice here. We have been walking on it since the [beginning] of the story of humanity. We are not savages in the Middle Ages. If you have any proof, you bring the proof,” Bellemere said. “Today if a feminist says, ‘He’s guilty,’ everybody is going to believe he’s guilty.”

At 45, the twice-divorced photographer pointed to his middle-age status and said he doesn’t own anything. “They are destroying people. They are destroying lives. My [15-year-old] daughter is crying. It’s too much. I’m going to lose everything. I’m not like Patrick Demarchelier or all of those (older) guys who have a career that is finished."

Bellemere makes the suggestion that the photographer not be alone with the model -- which I think is a good idea. At the end of the shoot, he proposes that everyone sign a report that everyone was well-behaved. The objective would be to “prove that all as been done under respect or without misbehavior,” Bellemere said (to WWD). “This is to avoid lies and problems. We have to sit around the table and write it down together. I want this war to end between feminists and the industry. We are wasting too much talent.”

In all my time in the fashion industry, in all the sad experiences I've had with men -- ones Bellemere probably agrees with, like the experience I narrate below -- I have never been so goddess-damned resentful of a statement. I have championed male photographers for a decade, including David Bellemere, although working with female photographers is so much easier. But for him to condemn feminism and the #MeToo movement -- which suggests he has no problem with the Harvey Weinsteins of the world -- that is a reflection of the masculine arrogance and self-importance that has launched what is a seismic #MeToo movement. 

In reality, these utterly stupid and self-destructive comments by Bellemere about feminism and our failure to understand and nourish creative talent suggests that he has a Pablo Picasso complex. Well, I'm not having it one minute longer from David Bellemere and I regret the mountains of praise that I've heaped on him for a decade. ~ Anne

Previously:  'An American Woman Charmed But Not Seduced By French Men

I’m not one of those American women who throws herself on the sidewalks of Paris, saying “please, please like me, mighty Parisians.”  But it is true that France has always inspired me in what I wish America could be more of — a country with a passion for living well in mind, body and with beauty.  As a key executive with Victoria’s Secret for 10 years, lastly as the head of product development and then fashion director, I’ve long embraced France’s approach to living in touch with one’s senses.

Bannon Promises That Feminism, Not Toxic Masculinity, Is Responsible For America's Demise


Bannon Promises That Feminism, Not Toxic Masculinity, Is Responsible For America's Demise

The mere fact that Harper's Bazaar would feature an article on the topic of toxic masculinity tells you the degree to which the female mindset in America is changing. Even the fashion industry is concerned about toxic masculinity. Oh yes. The Trump male posse can descend on us -- throwing stink bombs and calling us libtards -- but the facts are the facts in their non-factual universe. The jigs up, gentlemen.

When Trump was elected, Mr. Brexit Nigel Farage proclaimed: "The alpha males are back." That may be so, but large numbers of alpha males -- are the very definition of toxic masculinity -- and it's a masculinity that kills, no matter how the alt-right dresses it up.

More than other countries in the developed world, the American culture worships men with guns. They are conquerors of 'weaker men' and women are eager to have sex with them. In reality, men who commit mass shootings do not have the respect of the larger culture, but their "catastrophic sense of male entitlement" gives them admiration in their own equally toxic communities. 

Eye: Scandebergs Captures 'The Goddard Family' & Edie Campbell For Vogue US March 2018


Eye: Scandebergs Captures 'The Goddard Family' & Edie Campbell For Vogue US March 2018

British designer Molly Goddard (seated) had a small mess on her hands four years ago, with her academic career at Central Saint Martins stalled in a fatal downwards spiral. A devoted boyfriend persuaded her "to take one more stab at it", writes Lynn Yaeger for Vogue US. In a lightening flash, Molly's younger sister Alice was in charge of styling. Her parents were assigned staging, and that included mumSarah Edwards who is a set designer. “Really, we just threw a party—all my girlfriends were there, with my dresses over their jeans,” Molly Goddard says, laughing.

Dover Street Market was in the house that night -- it helps to have influential friends in high places. The result was an order for 86 pieces of Goddard's oversize tulle frocks and being crowned the winner of the 2016 British Emerging Talent Award.